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Online Shopping Guide for Buying Fountain Pen Inks

Did you know that aside from the common black, blue and red inks, fountain pen inks today are of a wide assortment! Even all the colors of the rainbow are available, not to mention each brand has its own special features. Fountain pen inks also come in different packaging and containers such as cartridges, glass bottles, and plastic tubes. Given the abundance and plethora of fountain pen ink colors currently available, you as a fountain pen enthusiast can spend your whole lifetime writing and experimenting with them. One of the most amusing and gratifying things about fountain pen inks is its ability to be mixed with different colors! This means that you can go experiment and create your own unique and customized ink colors! Aside from the variety of colors available in the market today, there is also another unique factor that sets every brand of fountain pen inks apart from each other. This factor is how the ink looks like when used on paper. And not just any kind of paper, but fountain pen ink friendly notebooks like the Leuctturm1917 notebooks, Clairefontaine notebooks, and other specialty brands.

fountain pen inks

Now that we have ventured into the realm of fountain pen inks and their uniqueness, the next question will be where we can purchase them. With the advent of the internet and the convenience it has given customers around the globe, fountain pen enthusiasts that are also entrepreneurs had the idea of using the Internet for selling fountain pen inks. But it is a known fact that when we shop for inks, it is really different when you see the bottle and sample of the ink yourself than just looking at a picture. This is the main dilemma of online buyers of inks today.

The fountain pen ink color samples you are viewing on a computer, tablet or smartphone while you are shopping online for your new supply of fountain pen ink has a great impact on what you will end up buying. The question now is, can you actually trust these ink samples that you see virtually?

Here are some guidelines on how to know if an online store selling fountain pen inks can be trusted:

·         They should only use a distinct color calibrated computer monitor for producing samples of fountain pen ink colors.

·         They should use a graphics software and make careful adjustments to make sure that the colored ink sample looked as close to reality as possible.

·         To be able to compare and look at what their shoppers might be seeing, they should intentionally purchase computer, laptop or smartphone monitors that are an assortment of different brands.

·         They should not be using a computer generated color sample that uses fake handwriting fonts and artificially generated colors. This can be observed if the shading or opacity of the fountain pen ink is not noticeable in the color sample.

·         For the color sample displays, they should be using a French-ruled paper for writing so that you can see how opaque or how transparent the fountain pen ink they are selling really is.

·         To help you distinguish the character of the fountain pen ink, they should leave traces of feathering behind in their color samples.

Visit them online at

Tonka Toys – The perfect present for a toddler

The Flagg township museum has decided to open something that is fun. On September 18th, they will officially be opening a brand-new display of Toys from Illinois at a reception which starts at 2 pm in the museum. The Museum board members and volunteers have put together the display in which they highlighted the toy industry which was once thriving and that had provided a huge lot of fun, happiness and entertainment among kids of all ages. Tonka toys, tinker toys, model kits, wagon, scooters are few of the toys that will be put up on display as these were once thriving in Illinois.

tonka toys

Tonka is no doubt a popular toy brand in America and the rest of the world, which produces interesting and life-like miniature toys of trucks and heavy vehicles. Tonka produced a variety of toys, including dolls, robots, steel monsters, etc., but the truck toys had the most positive reactions from public.  They create toys that are almost unbreakable and hence perfect for kids. Also they are so realistic, every child is bound to be intrigued by these toys they produce.

·        The tonka tiny blind box –  This box consists of 22 pieces of tonka toys such as extremely cute miniature trucks. The tiny trucks are small enough to be put inside the pocket. These 22 different toy pieces are actually miniature replicas of real-life trucks, and the fun part is that each of these little trucks has its own garage for stacking and storing.

·        Tough tonka bulldozers – this amazing bulldozer is actually the replica of a real one. The little truck is capable of moving dirt, sand and gravel with its little workable blade. This bulldozer is of fantastic quality and is guaranteed to last a life time. In case you do not find the toys in the store, you can buy tonka toys online too.

·        Another awesome collection of the tonka toys can be this supercool steel classic crane; the beauty of these toys is that they look so very realistic. This model comes with a cute little crane operator too and having this model if definitely going to make the other peers jealous. The features of this model include a working arm that can pivot, extend and fold and tyres that are deep-cleated. Like all the other models, this one too has a lifetime guarantee. Check this out mrtoys.

·        Tonka truck toddler bed – if your little child would love to have his very own bulldozer, then this is the perfect gift. This truck toddler bed also has storage shelves, which are a huge win. However, the bedding and the mattress are not included in the package.

The online tonka toy collection is huge and while surfing, some might definitely find antique tonka toys that can be added to the collection. Other interesting models available online include the mini wobble police car with a built siren, a cute cement mixture, mini wobble wheels fire truck, tonka die cast with motorcycles, garbage truck, etc. There is a huge collection of many other different models. Visit them online at HTTP://WWW.MRTOYS.COM.AU.

Why You Should Enroll Kids in Martial Arts Classes

The modern culture seems to glorify violence in everything. That ranges from video games to music and also television shows. Thus, the idea of enrolling your kid for martial arts training sessions doesn’t seem to be a brilliant thought. Most martial arts films appear to be centered on various violent behaviors. Nevertheless, it is critical to understand the real life training is beneficial to kids.  For instance, if you live in Joondalup, you ought to look out for these training areas. Enrolling your child for martial arts Joondalup has today will be beneficial in various ways.

It helps in fostering self-discipline in kids

One of the biggest challenges every parent faces is instilling discipline to the children. Nowadays, balancing time between work and family seems to be a daunting task. One of the central tenets of martial arts is focusing on self-discipline. Thus, for a kid to learn the basics and tactics of the game, they must have discipline and self-restraint characters. As such, kids will be easy to train and will understand how critical self-discipline is in their day to day life.

It boosts socialization skills

Children, who thrive in highly social environments, find it easier to make new friends and also understand people. However, children who are always in the house may find it hard to socialize with other people. Such training areas of martial arts in Joondalup attract kids from all walks of life. Thus, it exposes kids to various people whom they have a common and shared interest. Hence, they get an opportunity to make new friends and socialize.

Encourages physical activity

Cases of obesity among children are rampant. Hence, limit the time kids spend on the screen and the couch. Sending them for such classes will improve their health. For instance, enrolling a child who is inactive and a couch potato to such physically demanding areas will not only discourage their sedentary lifestyles but also improve their quality of life.

Encourages kids to develop teamwork skills

Irrespective the level of training, children in such sessions need each other in the game. For instance, while training in Joondalup martial arts, mastering every new maneuver will require the help of others. Thus, children understand that working together is critical when learning new things and also trying to achieve goals. Teamwork is an essential skill in life, for instance, you will need to work in teams at work and also school areas.

Improves one’s listening skills

In order to master a skill, a child is taught and will only rise through the belt ranks, if one has excellent listening skills.  Thus, kids who are not adept when it comes to paying attention will benefit greatly by enrolling for sessions on best martial arts in Joondalup.

Improves a kid’s self-esteem

Confidence and self-esteem always come with achievement. Thus, for every move children master and as they move to the next level and consequently earn a new belt, can boost their esteem levels. Kids with a low self-esteem will become confident after enrolling for martial arts Joondalup offers for learners.

Thus, if you are looking forward to raising a well-rounded child, consider enrolling him or her in such programs. Sessions such as martial arts Joondalup has today will transform your child positively. For more details, just visit

How to Make Volunteering a Fun Experience

By definition, volunteering is supposed to be a leisure activity. It is an opportunity for individuals to engage in an activity that is in line with their personal interest and they do not get paid for their time and effort. It could be teaching English to students in Vietnam, or helping build homes for the homeless – there are many opportunities for gap year programs abroad. However, the continued rise in demand for volunteer opportunities, together with a new awareness on various communities in Asia and Africa that might be in need of these volunteers’ services, it has in turn made the experience quite stressful for those involved.
If you have experience as a volunteer in Vietnam or some other location, you might have felt tremendous amount of stress at some point. In fact, a lot of volunteers have experienced volunteer burnout. This happens after some time wherein you feel exhaustion and stress due to the demands for your services as a volunteer. However, this should not be the case – when you choose gap year programs abroad, there should be a focus on pursuing your passion and cause. It should never feel like a chore or responsibility. The moment it does, it becomes difficult to become productive in your endeavor.
To bring back the fun into your Vietnam travel and volunteer experience, here are some tips to consider:
• Enjoy the cultural difference. One of the things that make it difficult for new volunteers is the fact that the culture in the destination they are volunteering in is different from what they are used to. But instead of dwelling on the difference and moping about it, why not appreciate this new experience? The unique culture will make your trip memorable. Learn to immerse yourself into that culture and celebrate the difference rather than resisting it!
• Learn the language. One of the greatest barriers when you do volunteer Vietnam work is the fact that you cannot communicate directly with locals. But you should make an effort to speak the local language. Once you can speak the language, you will find it easier to mingle with locals and discover the beauty that the country has to offer.
• Don’t be afraid to be like a tourist. When your volunteer work is done, you can experience Vietnam like a tourist. Go exploring and sight-seeing! Visit the attractions that you wanted to see before you got so overwhelmed with your volunteer duties. Use whatever extra time you have not doing volunteer work to enjoy the beauty of the local community. This will not only be a fun experience for you but also gain a new appreciation for the local community you are serving.
When you hear horror stories about others’ experience as a volunteer, do not let it scare you off from volunteering your talent and skills. It is all about matching the right gap year programs abroad to suit your personal interest and skills. If these two match, then you will become productive, the community you are serving will benefit, and you will enjoy the experience! In fact, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Inexpensive Equipment to Spice Up Your Home Exercise

Even with home exercises, you still need to keep fit and stay in shape. When your schedule permits, exercising at home can help you save money, and avoid paying more at expensive fitness centers. This, however, means that you have to stick to a strict fitness routine. Fortunately, there are simple and affordable sports equipment to help you stay in shape at home. While you can get some from reliable sports equipment stores such as SportsDepot, others are as simple as a jumping rope, which you can even improvise!

The jump rope

The jump rope is an important instrument for home workouts. In addition, it is portable, able to fit in your backpack. Based on your fitness goals, you can achieve a lot with this type of equipment. You can buy a jump rope from reliable stores for sports equipment such as SportsDeport, online stores such as Amazon, or you can improvise a piece.


These are available in different sizes and types. Besides, they are affordable and can provide you with a variety of training routines. Check various online stores for the right dumbbells for your workout routines.

Running shoes

An inexpensive workout routine, you need to have good quality running shoes. However, you need not break your bank account. Look for moderately priced running shoes to match your running style and foot type. A visit to reliable suppliers such as SportsDeport can reveal more options for you. You can also find out prescriptions for various types of running shoes and the factors you should consider when buying such sports gear.

Bodyweight workouts

These are a mixture of simple aerobics, which you can do in the comfort of your home. While they require creativity and personal inventiveness, they can yield better results. With determination, you can develop your first bodyweight routine and move to the next within a short period. Common styles include squats, jumping jacks, pushups, and more.

Fitness bootcamp

In this group of exercise, you can mix traditional movements with bodyweight exercises, strength, and interval training. Alternatively, you can use pre-owned fitness equipment for your home workouts. These are relatively cheaper than brand new equipment. Find reliable sources from your local newspaper, Craiglist, or reliable sports equipment suppliers such as SportsDepot.

Fitness DVDs

Fitness DVDs can be your personal trainer right in your bedroom. What’s more, you can get a few pieces for quite affordable price. Remember to buy a series such that you are able to alternate and balance your exercises. Advice from experienced fitness professionals is a welcome move.

Having a home fitness center is a decisive step to minimize your fitness expenses. Local gyms and high-end fitness centers can be quite expensive. Besides, it may be difficult to attend your fitness sessions if your work schedule doesn’t allow. However, with a fitness center right within your home and relevant sports equipment to match, you can still maintain a level of flexibility in your trainings.

When you face the decision to stock up your home fitness center, consider the above tips together with the information below:

Business Name: SportsDepot

Address:16008 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY11414

Contact Name: Marc Harris

Phone: (718)8451800

Business Name: SportsDepot
Address: 16008 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414
Contact Name: Marc Harris
Phone: (718) 845-1800
Logo URL:
Year Founded: 1985

Use Martial Arts To Relieve ADHD in Kids

The health of your kids depends on the lifestyles you expose them to. Kids are prone to certain illnesses such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children with this condition show impulsivity and inattention in social, occupational and academic settings. However, enrolling them in martial arts is an effective way of mitigating this problem. Children who attend Martial Arts Perth - Shobukan has to offer don’t make careless mistakes, get disorganized, fail to complete tasks, get easily distracted and lose tracking ability. Children with ADHD problem benefit from martial arts in the following ways:

Martial Arts Perth - Shobukan

Positive Mindset

Enrolling your children in martial art sessions is a great way to help them develop a positive attitude towards challenges. They are able to meet positive instructors in a challenging environment where positivity is not optional. The instructors mainly concentrate on the areas the children are doing well and come up with constructive techniques of improving their weaknesses. They hardly condemn children when they do not do it right, but they always commend them for every positive move they make. This way, children suffering from ADHD are able to find a positive outcome in every challenge.

Improved Self-Esteem

Engaging in Martial Arts Perth – Shobukan has today helps children to build self-confidence. It helps them to approach everything with a positive mind that they would always win or have a chance to win next time. This positive mindset gradually reduces all ADHD symptoms and instead enhances self-discipline. Children who practice martial arts are not easily stressed when they fail in something because they know they have all it takes to control their lives.

Sequential Structure

Martial sessions are structured in sequence. Children in these sessions understand the framework in terms of what follows what. For instance, the instructors make the children understand that they should first warm up, stretch a bit, meditate on a few areas, practice certain skills and finally bow to their instructors. This structured framework primes the brain of kids with ADHD to be able to follow these transitions in an organized manner with no expected mistakes.

Ability to Achieve Set Goals

According to most instructors, each style or set of martial arts has certain belt-based goals that students should look forward to achieving. Beginners in the Martial Arts Perth – Shobukan has to offer start with a white belt and work with an aim of getting a black belt. The transition from one color to another requires the child’s commitment and practice. Such realistic belt goals are powerful and suitable for children suffering from ADHD because they restore their belief systems. These systems help them to know and confirm they can achieve any goal they set amidst tough challenges.

Enhanced Self-Discipline

Martial arts will help ADHD victims to develop self-control and self-discipline irrespective of how impulsive they may be. Children learn how to respectfully wait for a command from their instructors no matter how long it takes. They also learn to keenly wait and observe what other students are doing before they make any move. The self-discipline they learn in such a respectful environment is easily applicable in all other aspects of life.

You, therefore, have no reason not to enroll your children in a martial arts school. The training they get there helps them learn discipline-induced characters that positively shape their lives. If you know of a child with ADHD problem, advise their parents to enroll them in martial art sessions for effective mitigation of this problem.

Where to Buy Your Wholesale Jewelry

Finding the right sterling silver wholesale jewelry suppliers is not always an easy task, particularly in situations where you are just entering the market. The most critical step is always to make the initial contact with the wholesale jewelry suppliers and then attempt to build a business relationship. Communication will be key to building the most successful and enduring relationships that will get you the best jewelry collections from Thailand and at the best prices possible.

It is like building any other business. There must be trust and understanding, so that they can clearly get your requirements and send you deliveries while you are on the same page. That means you will not have to deal with any surprises along the way after you have spent a lot of money and time trying to communicate your requirements to the sterling silver wholesale jewelry suppliers in Thailand. With a little patience on your side, you will be able to build very successful business relationships.

When it comes to sourcing your jewelry from the wholesalers, there are a lot of issues that you will need to take into consideration. For example, you need to look at what is trendy, as well as the various prices and varieties for your jewelry pieces. Know your target market and determine the kind of jewelry pieces which they are going to purchase. If you are going to make money by selling Thai jewelry, you have to gain greater insight into your market in order for you to determine the kind of products that they will be looking for.

Determine the Best Buys

Before plunging in, determine what the best buys are. This is the only way through which you are going to churn out a profit from your jewelry sales. Know what is trendy and what sells rapidly. When you buy the in-trend items, you are going to get good sales very rapidly on your jewelry pieces. Apart from catering to a niche market which is always a good business strategy, it is also important to stock some simple along with classic jewelry pieces as these always sell in any jewelry market.

Who is the best wholesaler?

Once you have figured out what you need for your store, it is time to find the best sterling silver wholesale jewelry supplier that is capable of meeting that user need. The best way to begin going about this is by carrying a thorough online search in order to get an overview of who is out there. But you cannot rely on the internet information alone where the authenticity of the information is always in doubt.

To be on the safe side, you will need to procure a genuine and reliable supplier. Talk to Thai Export Promotion authority, particularly those individuals who are mainly concerned with the jewelry exports and ask them to give you a list of reliable wholesalers. The Thai jewelry suppliers also have a trade guild where you can procure some genuine contacts who can sell you very good quality jewelry.

These professional and reliable bodies will generally assist you in covering some of the blind spots in procurement in order to get the best partner capable of supplying you with best quality sterling silver Thai jewelry.

Simple Tips to Improve Pre-Booking for Your Spa

Pre-booking refers to booking for a spa’s services in advance. The customer in this case wants to grab a certain deal but only for future day spa appointments. It is one of the leading revenue generators for many businesses and is a good way for you to achieve better customer retention and get more return customers that are crucial for the sustenance of your business. With a good day spa booking software, you can also get better insights on how to schedule appointments in the coming weeks for the customers that pre-book your services and this ensures that you will not disappoint anybody while maximizing on business and revenues.

Spa and salon facilities that offer pre-booking services are generally able to increase on the frequency of visits by their clients and enables you to get a lot per customer. The good thing with the pre-booking is that you only need to create a little incentive through your spa booking software in order to get the customers to spend more in your business. Here are some important tips on how you can increase your pre-bookings and maximize on your business revenues:

Incentivize the customers

One of the best ways to increase on your pre-bookings is by creating certain incentives every time a customer books an appointment at your spa. For example, you can create loyalty points for all pre-bookings. You can go ahead and create further incentives for the customers to come to you sooner and this will only increase the frequency of their visits and the spending per customer on your spa. If a visit costs $70 and you can get a customer to come in at least 10 times per year, that will translate into $700 per customer and it means you do not have to worry too much about attracting too many customers in order to hit your revenue targets.

Incentivize the staff

Apart from your day spa booking software, your front-desk staff also plays an important role in driving up the bookings so it is important to incentivize them so that they can work harder and deliver on your targets. If you are planning to drive up the pre-bookings, then it is important to set the goals for the pre-bookings. If your sales teams hit certain thresholds in selling the pre-bookings, you can offer them certain incentives such as generous commissions for every pre-booking at your spa. Higher pre-bookings will mean that you get more services, generate more revenues and your staff also get more financial rewards which lead to greater job satisfaction.

Run raffles

Raffles are important ways for you to generate pre-bookings. Every month, you can host raffles for the customers who have pre-booked their appointments at your spa facility. Doing this manually can be tedious so it is important to have a spa booking software with a marketing and promotional feature that will help you to easily create and run raffles. It is also important to have a software tool that can easily track it for you. The raffle prizes can be the items that you are selling such as free massage or pedicure services.  Customers are always hopeful of winning certain freebies and this will prompt them to make some pre-bookings on your website portal.

Make it easy for customers to pre-book services

Customers don’t like complexities or long waits so it is important that you make it easier for them to say yes to your pre-booking offers. You can incorporate this in your pre-booking software and up-sell it during the booking process.

When planning to sell your pre-bookings, it is also important to have a reliable spa booking software that will complement your pre-booking efforts. For example, it should offer opportunities for upselling and also offer regular reminders to customers on the upcoming appointments at the spa. Netbookings has multiple features to help you maximize on your pre-bookings.

Getting married? Book a romantic honeymoon hotel on Samui Island

Marriage is a very important rite of passage in the life of an individual. Everybody has a unique way of celebrating it. While one would rather have a private civil marriage in front of a judge and a few witnesses, another would very much love to organize lavish weddings attended by a multitude of people. The wedding is not always all about it, as to make the occasion a memorable one, you should organize a successful honeymoon as well. To have a good hideaway for honeymoon with the one you love, a romantic honeymoon hotel on Samui Island is the perfect stop for you.
While on a honeymoon, the couple does not have to stay locked up in the room. A honeymoon can involve a lot of activities, from sightseeing adventures to sporting activities, depending on the preference of the couple. A couple will need favorable weather to go about these activities undisturbed. This is precisely what Samui Island offers. With the kind of weather here, a couple on honeymoon will definitely spend the time of their lives.
Samui Island has a tropical monsoon climate. The atmosphere is warm and humid, the perfect condition to take a walk around. Precipitation in Samui Island is rather low and whenever it rains, the rain periods are brief, usually, lasting between 20 and 60 minutes. One can comfortably take a walk around without worrying about being ambushed by rain. Typically, the heaviest precipitation is received in the months of October and November.
For those who love exploring the world and everything in it, and going around viewing the fantastic natural physical features, getting a reservation at a romantic honeymoon hotel on Samui Island will serve you perfectly. The geography of the Island is just wow! It is the perfect place you could ever wish to take your spouse for a honeymoon. The hills, the ridges and the surrounding islands are just fantastic geographical sights you can access while at Samui Island. The island is surrounded by sixty other islands and in Thailand, it is the second largest. It is the perfect location for those who have got soft spots for geographical features.
In places experiencing warm atmospheric conditions, beaches are objects of desire. Swimming below the warm sun is a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Samui Island is endowed with vast white sandy beaches. While here on a honeymoon and you feel overwhelmed by the heat, you can take your loved one down to the beach and have a swim of your lives. There are also a variety of sporting activities that are held in Samui Island. For a couple, there is no time you will ever get bored.
If you have the intention of giving your spouse a trip to a romantic honeymoon hotel on Samui Island, you should give The Library a consideration. The team will definitely treat you to a memorable event, one that will stay with you for a long time. There are swimming pools and the blue sea extends wide before your view. It is an exquisite place to spend a honeymoon and you can book online.
Telephone: +66(0) 77 42 2767-8
FAX: +66(0) 77 42 2344
[email protected]

Dance Your Way to Fitness

It seems that Perth is finding dance to be the way to staying fit! Given the many ways to lose weight and become physically fit and strong, dancing seems to be the easiest one because it’s also very entertaining. Ballroom dancing Perth has to offer provides numerous options and varieties that can fit the different personalities of those interested.

Ballroom Dancing Perth

Ballroom Dancing Perth

Without a doubt, dancing can race the heart rate up within minutes and help burn the calories and unwanted fats. It can also be a great bonding experience for friends and families who all share the same passion for the art.  Someone who does not know how to dance and yet wishes to learn can quickly do so by taking lessons. With these number of benefits, Ballroom Dancing in Perthhas become a popular trend and must-try activity.

Below are some of the kinds of ballroom dances and their corresponding fitness advantages:

  1. Salsa is a popular Latin dance. It starts with a lot of leg movement that’s done without the change in position of the upper body. With this, the lower part of the body works the most – the legs, hips and foot. The salsa is a dance that strengthens the leg muscles. It can keep the thighs and calves toned and firm with the quick change of steps as well as the squats that go with it. Ballroom Dancing Perth – style offers the more advanced version which incorporates the salsa dip. Here, the power of the legs is tested because it will require more support and strength for the back as well.
  2. The Argentine Tango is a kind of ballroom dance that is considered as the most passionate. The movements are slow and yet powerful. As much as the legs are used for long strides, the arms are utilised the most. There is a lot of pushing and pulling between the dancers that require the strength of the arms. In Perth Ballroom Dancing classes always incorporate the Tango because of the intensity of the dance. Couples who wish to learn the dance may opt to find Ballroom Dancing Perth has available, and choose from either a class or a private lesson or tutorial. Not only do they get to stay fit and express themselves, but they can be closer than ever – something that only the Argentine Tango can do.
  3. Who hasn’t heard of Zumba? Almost everyone knows about this Latin funk dance and how it’s done. But there’s nothing like great professional lessons and sessions to ensure you are doing the Zumba right and making it work for you. This is an over-all fitness program that targets the different parts of the body, from head to toe. It’s a blend of exercise and Latin dance, which makes it a fun way to lose those fats. The music is a mix of upbeat and sensual Latin sound that makes the body move from fast to slow, or a combination of both. Through the help of expert Zumba instructors and regular practice, one can stay fit and healthy in the least possible time.